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“… apart from God we can do nothing.”  

We believe in the tenet that permanent, positive change must be devoted to God, directed by God, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

If you agree, don’t take this journey alone! Our Bible studies, devotions, classes, and workshops grow intimacy with God and help equip us to live in His will. More…

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 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

God has blessed with an abundance of foods for our nourishment and enjoyment. End bondage to a cookie! Share in our mindful exploration of food that is good to us and good for us. More…

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 “…your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

Movement is medicine that can help much of what ails our bodies today.  Move what the good Lord gave you with science-based, faith-empowered exercise programming to safely improve your physical condition. More…

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Recent Blog Posts

Making Memories at the Strawberry Farm

I’ve attended every school trip with our children since our oldest son entered preschool. That’s alot of trips. This is not possible for every mom. I get that and thank God and my husband for allowing me to be present. I GO IN on these trips – fully participating in the activities with the kids. (Sometimes like the kids.) I also make a point to learn something new. Often, the learning is related to the trip subject matter. Other times, I pick up something interesting about the teachers, other parents, or social interactions between the children. Friday, Baby Girl’s class went to the strawberry farm. This morning’s group did the last picking of the season at Mrs Heather’s Strawberry Patch in Albany, LA. Pickings were scarce and the berries that remained on the vine were really ripe or rotten. We persevered and got really ripe ones. Folks that ate strawberries straight off the plant said they are super ripe, juicy, and sweet. They were but not as sweet as the memories. Baby Girl is 8. Watching her skip from one area of the farm to another – hearing her squeal as the horse ate corn from her hand – feeling her fingers wrap around mine as she pulled me along to play… fresh on my mind was that these little girl sweet behaviors won’t last. Time flies. She’ll mature and while I enjoy the newness of each age and stage of our children’s development – I also miss some of the aspects they outgrow. Times like these when I step away from the 3, 482 things on my mind and... read more

My First Farm to Table Box

The beautiful box from the Our Health Lives Farm To Work program.   We made good use of the produce. I served some of the FFV very simply. Steamed broccoli. All it took for the tomatoes and cucumbers was a quick washed, slice and seasoning with pepper and celery salt. I washed and diced the zucchini, yellow squash and onion and some Portobello mushrooms on hand. Seasoned with olive oil, Himalayan salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme and ‘roasted’ in my air fryer. Later in the week,  I used the fruit and cucumbers in lunchboxes. More about the boxes in my No Heat Eats post. Healthy eating is easy and in reach. How’s your eating? Want or need to freshen up or diversify your meals? I can help. Follow me on Instagram for tons of meal pictures/ideas.  For personalized assistsance – schedule a discover call. Take care, God bless and eat well! Nettye  ... read more

3 Ways to Release

Do you remember Popeye? The scrapply cartoon sailor with kyphosis, poor speech, and frequent involvement in daunting situations with dubious people. Popeye was generally mild mannered until the build up caused him to pop off. His signature exclamation of “That’s all I can stands – I can’t stands no more!” revealed his tipping point. At that moment Popeye turned to spinach. One can gave him the strength needed to whip his issues straight. I can relate to Popeye. (Not the spinach part – while I do find it mighty tasty and appreciate the vitamin content). I can relate to the ‘build up to fed up part’ and assert at some point and in some ways we all can. Live long enough, and periods chocked full of challenges will come. Times when we get close to our ‘tipping point’ and while we may not turn to spinach – we turn to something…some action…or someone. Stress begs for release and that call rarely goes unanswered. A honest look at our habits, how we spend our time/money, and the things we take in (food, drink or other substances, people etc.) shows the means we take to get relief. Some methods of relief  bring help and healing. Others bring harm. What kind do you choose and use? I’m in a Popeye period. God is holding me together. The audio shares more including three actions that bring me release. I hope they are helpful to you. Note: This was a video post, but time constraints, technical challenges, and disturbingly Bozoish hair led me to nix the visual part and share audio only. Click below to listen.  ... read more

{Recipe} Fabulous Fortified Oatmeal

I adore oatmeal and eat it often. This popular grain is a delicious and cost effective way to add protein and heart-healthy soluble fiber to your breakfast. Many mornings, I pick up a cup of oatmeal from the hot food bar at Whole Foods – and HOOK IT UP! When time or the day’s schedule doesn’t allow a drive into Baton Rouge for breakfast, I often make yummy fortified oatmeal at home. This video shows my method/recipe. Click to watch Real deal: preparation takes a bit longer than a nuking a powdery packet of instant oatmeal, but the health, satiety and taste benefits are well worth the time. Give the method a try. If you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  ... read more
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