A Question of Faith

A Question of Faith

Last night I attended an advanced screening of A Question of Faith.

NJ and Toni R at A Question of Faith Screening

A Question of Faith - Movie

This film addresses social, moral, and spiritual issues including texting and driving, organ donation, forgiveness, and racial reconciliation with a connecting exploration of our relationship with God when faced with tragedy.

The movie makes you stop and ask yourself how do you respond when you are pressed and in pain?

Do you run to God or away from Him?

Is your trust in Him immediately deepened or are you filed with doubt?

How do you handle being angry with God?

A Question of Faith Collage
What do you do when your faith is shaken?

A Question of Faith 07

There was a discussion after the screening.

Different people with different life walks and different testimonies shared how they related to characters in the movie. They shared how real the movie was and how well it displayed the span and complexities of thoughts, feelings, perspectives, and actions folks experience when their faith is tested.

This movie can save lives and help hurt souls.

Check out and pass along the trailer.

A Question Of Faith 02
Mark your calendar for the opening weekend of September 29th and let’s blow up movie attendance that weekend.

The movie industry uses opening weekend numbers for promotion, funding, and distribution decisions. Let’s show up big like we did for War Room and send the message that films of faith that unashamedly glorify God and edify people are wanted, needed, and should continue to be made.

Discounted tickets are available for groups, or you can host a private Movie Premiere at a theater near you, and invite your family, friends, co-workers, school, church and other organizations to attend. For more info call 800-585-1892.

BTW – I was blessed with the movie soundtrack. There was high praise in the car this morning with my kids.

BBTW – Kim Fields did this! She was FANTASTIC in the role of Theresa.


Cherry Health Benefits and Recipes

Cherry Health Benefits and Recipes

Better than candy.

NJ Cherries Image
The tart/sweet nutrient dense cherry is packed with vitamin C, fiber, potassium, melatonin, and antioxidants. Cherries have health benefits linked to the prevention of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and inflammatory diseases.

Growing up, our next door neighbors had a cherry tree in their yard. I was a happy girl when the Nole kids invited us over to play, pick and eat from the tree.

When cherries are in season, I try to keep a bowl of cherries in the fridge so my family can snack on them at will. The tart pop of skin followed by the squish of cold sweet cherry flesh and juice… YUM!

I also like to use cherries as the fruit element in my seasonal salad. Here are a few other ideas. (Click images to go to recipes.)

Use cherries…

In a chicken salad – Cherry Chicken Salad by Caroline Edwards

Cherry Chicken Salad by Caroline Edwards

I’d replace the chicken with tofurkey.
In a smoothie – Coconut Cherry Smoothie by Martha Stewart

Coconut cherry smoothie by Martha Stewart


In an energy ball – Chocolate Cherry Walnut Energy Balls by Liz DellaCroce
 Chocolate Cherry Walnut by Energy Bites by Liz DellaCroce

In a sandwich – Cherry Basil Provolone Grilled Cheese by Lindsey Cotter
Cherry Grilled Cheese by Lindsey Cotter


And for balance, in a decadent dessert – Chocolate Chip Cherry Blondies by Averie Sunshine
Cherry Blondie by Averie Sunshine

What is your favorite use for cherries?

Happy healthy eating!

Reference – National Institute of Health

Do Something New

Do Something New

August is just about gone… 2017 is not far behind

2017 is 2/3 gone. Can you believe it?

I must admit, I’m happy to park this year in my past. It has been a rough one.

That said, I’m entering this last quarter of the year focused on newness.
First, I tried a new look (what cha think???)

NJ 082717

I’m awakening my soul daily with a powerful new devotional and diversifying my reading with a goooood piece of fiction

I’ve amped up my skincare, added teeth whitening to my daily dental care, super greens to my daily eating, and increased the frequency and intensity of exercise to get me to a shiny new fitness goal.

August is the month of new beginnings. The kids returned to school and  I’m returning to myself with a new-ish attitude.

One of my friends suggested the new look brought with it a new attitude. (LOL).
I think the order is reversed. The new attitude prompted me to try the new look.

Order can be important.

What we think influences what we do.
AND what we do influences how we feel – which influences what we do.

NJ ThinkDoFeel Cycle

It is a cycle that works when we start in the right place and work it.

Things go awry when we start not with Think or Do, but with Feel.

When we feel motivated – we hit things hard and get stuff done.
But when that feeling fades, when motivation is gone – pushed out by stress, or sadness, or frustration, or (you name the funky feeling) – our thoughts and actions follow.

When we feel low or slow, we tend to stop and get stuck where we are – or even worse we take action to pick up behaviors that placate the feeling while taking us further from plan or goal.

Do you need ‘newness’ in some area of your life, but don’t feel up to doing anything new?
I totally understand. Here’s the encouragement – don’t start with your feeling.

Renew your mind.
Read scripture and resources related to the change you want to make. Feed on that to starve deflating feelings.

Plan action.
Pray for direction and lay out the steps you can take to bring the new you want into your life. Make plans that are practical and actionable. Count the costs. Rally resources. Schedule time in your calendar (in ink).

Do it.
Pray and do.

123 days remain in 2017.  What can you do in this time to be better when 2018 rolls around?

I’d love to hear your goals and plans.  
You’ve got this.

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