Shopping, missing my Momma, and a bit of mother’s wit

Don’t go with the get by.

Sometimes we rush and go with what we think is ‘good enough,’ but good enough often is not good or enough.

My Momma used to say for things that really matter – it is better to go without and to wait until you’re able to get what you really want. Go for quality and when you get it, take care of it, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for a lifetime.

That statement bears repeating.

When things really matter, it is better to go without and to wait until you’re able to get what you really want. When you are able, go for quality. When you get it, take care of it, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for a lifetime.

This wisdom applies in a lot of areas – from large purchases to life partners. Let’s talk about it. The video check-in below shares more about this admonishment from my mother, plus a bit about my current season of shopping (and the related angst – lol). It also shares about my current state and offers encouragement for those going through the process of bereavement.

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3 Words for 2017 – 2 Intentions for 2018

Can you believe January 2018 has come and gone! Time waits for no one, and I hope the start of this year has been great for you.

I realize I have not shared in a substantial way for quite some time. Postings on social media continued a few times a week (on my Instagram, and Facebook personal and business pages), and I’ve sent a few emails to Nettye’s News subscribers, but I haven’t done more because I just really couldn’t do more.

For those of you that know what has been going on, our family has had a tremendously rough year and a half, and the sum of it all hit me hard a few weeks ago.

I had to take a moment to honor the place that I was at, which was a difficult place.

I had to acknowledge that I was in the valley and walk (not run) through it with God.

So I sat (relatively) still and was (relatively) quiet. I thought, prayed and listened and three words were like laid on my heart to define this past year.

and Growth.

It was easier to talk it than write it, and the video shares more.

It shares about learnings from our recent walk.
It shares my thanks. Thanks to God and to all of you that have been His hands on earth. Your prayers, support, and encouragement have greatly blessed our family.
It also includes my three intentions for this year, a bit about our house status, and details about a few upcoming speaking/teaching events.

God is good, and all is well.

If you are experiencing tough times – keep your head and heart lifted. Leave me a comment or email me and I’ll pray for you.

Chat with you soon.  Take care, God bless and be well.

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MYP Conference 2018: A Conference for Creative Entrepreneurs

I’m thankful for the opportunity to contribute as opening speaker at the MYP Conference for Creative Entrepreneurs. We are expectant about what God will do for the participants, their families, and businesses.


What is MYP?

MYP is an interactive one – day conference for emerging and established creative entrepreneurs.

“MYP” stands for Monetize Your Passion and refers to the popular book released by creative entrepreneurship coach and DuPlessis Agency founder, Chloe’ DuPlessis.

Chloe Duplessis

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Who Attends MYP?

  • Artists, Artisans, and Arts Org Administrators
  • Musicians, Poets and Performers
  • Speakers, Content Creators and Consultants
  • Wellness Instructors and Culinary Enthusiasts
  • PR Pros, Media Mavs and Creative Industry Service Providers

At the conference, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn How to Monetize your Passion and Build a Strong and Sustainable Business
  • Learn How to Refine and Boost Your Brand from Industry Experts
  • Connect with Social Media Strategists and Turn Your “Likes” Into “Leads”
  • Learn How to Stay Centered and Balanced Through Creative Wellness Techniques
  • Learn How to Research and Secure Grants and Fellowship Opportunities
  • Fund Your Business Using Creative and Non-traditional Methods


This year’s event will be held January 20th from 9 am – 3 pm at Drury Inn & Suites New Orleans, 820 Poydras St in New Orleans.

Get ready to learn and live it up in New Orleans!  

Go to MYP Conference for more information and to register.  Hope to see you there.

Looking for a speaker to inform, engage and inspire your group? I’d love to help you reach your goals.

We are currently booking speaking and teaching events for 2018 and 2019.  Get more information at


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